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Peter Liebenthal, MTCM, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac.

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Peter Liebenthal learned about acupuncture as a child through his grandmother, Pao-Cheng Niu de Liebenthal, one of the first prominent acupuncturists in Argentina. Visiting as a child, Peter was deeply affected by the power of his grandmother’s work.

When Peter was 19, a serious car accident left him bed-ridden for two months. He decided to dedicate his life to health and began to practice Qigong. Qigong has become a daily practice for self-healing that he still continues today. His knowledge of qi (the energy that all matter is made of) combined with a calling to help people, led him to get a Master’s of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University, a four year program in Santa Cruz, CA. He studied all five branches of Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, qigong, therapeutic massage. Since graduating, Peter has continued to train extensively. He apprenticed with master acupuncturists, Chinese herbalists and Qigong masters in China, Taiwan, California and Boston.

Peter is passionate about Chinese Medicine, a lifelong path of learning, cultivation and practice. He is dedicated to his patients’ healing process and creates individualized health plans which may combine acupuncture, herbal prescriptions & qigong exercises, as well as dietary and lifestyle advice. His goal is to empower people so that they can achieve optimal wellness.

For more information, Peter’s website is www.peterliebenthal.net.
To schedule an appointment, call 202-615-1927 or email pliebenthal@yahoo.com