Brittni Parris, CMT


Philosophy & Background:

“With the stresses of life from our demanding careers and circumstance, it is no wonder our bodies feel run down and in need of a tune up. Massage is the perfect way to help you get back to center by aiding in the enhancement of your well-being. I enjoy helping my clients get back to center by relieving stress and addressing pain through massage and bodywork.”- Brittni Parris

Brittni is a graduate of Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage in Falls Church Virginia and a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. She specializes in sports massage working with athletes of all levels. She has provided post event massage at such events as the Marine Core Marathon & Rock n Roll USA Marathon & 1/2 series.  Brittni uses massage to help her clients address pain, improve performance, rehabilitate from strenuous workouts or events and increase flexibility and joint mobilization. Brittni incorporates a variety of modalities to achieve the goals set between her and her client.  Every session is uniquely tailored to the client and their desired results. Brittni is results driven. She strives to help you be at your best. 


Deep Tissue Massage
Slow and deep strokes focused on congested tissue and contracted muscles which often result from repetitive computer use, recurring sports injuries or stress. It reduces chronic tension in muscles, and breaks up existing scar tissue.

Sports Massage
A blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques focused on the specific body parts most impacted by the athlete’s sport.

Swedish Massage
Promotes general relaxation, reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation and calms the nervous system.

Trigger Point Therapy
Deactivation of dysfunctional contractile tissue containing hyperirritable nodules (trigger points) through the use of digital pressure and compression helps to reduce pain and improves musculoskeletal function.

Muscle Energy Technique
A technique that uses active muscle contraction, relaxation and passive stretching to reduce tightness in muscles and increase range of motion in the joints.