Vital Body & Mind Therapies, is a holistic health and wellness center located in the heart of Del Ray.

Vital Body Mind

We offer our unique holistic health and wellness skills to strengthen, heal, and transform our clients, ourselves, our community and beyond. We believe the treatments we offer are necessary, “vital” in the process of healing, particularly stress related discomfort. Our specialists are well educated and experienced, the best in their areas of expertise. Together we work to relieve physical disease and encourage our clients to understand how emotions are stored and carried in the body.  We support our clients in their healing process;  we do not discount the necessities of modern medicine.  We truly believe in treating the whole person - body and mind.  After a visit to our center, we hope you feel refreshed and vital, full of renewed energy to live your life to the fullest.

The Vital Body and Mind Therapies is thriving with small business practitioners specializing in the areas of:

Chinese Medicine
Colon Hydrotherapy
CranioSacral Therapy
Feldenkrais Method
Medical Doctor